First of all, I am honoured to see that Dragan Teodorovic – Zeko, a wonderful person and a photography wizard, has decided to name his exhibition after my lyrics:

“Those were some better and happier times”.

Those were indeed better and happier times. We need not emphasise that in the 80s the Yugoslav rock scene was the third biggest in the world, right after those of English and American, led by great songwriters, amazing instrumentalists, and authentic and trend-setting bands.

Good Zeko and his camera were the witnesses of that time and everything that came afterwards but retained that same 80s spirit.

However, all those bands, musicians and authors are not the main focus of his brilliant photos.

The stars are those who complement the performers with their passion, love, power, tears... The audience (I don’t like that term, it sounds underrated).

In other words, Zeko takes pictures of those people who are more important than the performers themselves, those who devote themselves selflessly and unconditionally and whose feedback makes the concert into a magnificent event, a two-hour fairy-tale where we can escape the merciless reality of our everyday lives.

By photographing the revellers, Zeko ensures that those unrepeatable, better and happier times are never forgotten.

Borisav Bora Djordjevic